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Historic Travel Center in Irving, NY

In the early 1980s, Barry Snyder and wife Deanna purchased a closed souvenir shop on Seneca Nation Territory. They opened The Seneca Hawk and began selling hot dogs, hamburgers, fountain drinks, and curly fries. The fries were made using a hand-operated machine and an outdoor barbecue grill was used for hot dogs and hamburgers. The following year, The Seneca Hawk started selling tax-free tobacco products. The Seneca Hawk was the first business on Seneca Territory to engage in tax-free sales. Business flourished when the public realized the savings from buying tobacco products at The Seneca Hawk.
Family Restaurant Irving, NY

Providing Tax-Free Tabacco & Low Gas Prices Since 1983

Their third year in business included the installation of gas and diesel pumps, all selling tax-free products. Gaming machines were installed to provide entertainment for customers. Pull tabs were also sold here for a number of years. Our original restaurant was added to provide an additional service to truck drivers and customers purchasing tax-free tobacco products and gasoline. We are very proud of the fact that The Seneca Hawk was the original gas and tax-free tobacco business on Seneca Territories. 

We have always had a commitment to our local community and are proud to be able to continue that commitment for many more decades. Please visit our travel center today; we look forward to seeing you! 
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